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Obamas arrested
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Lakin Defense Options !!!


The Stand Up America BlogSTAND UP AMERICA EXCLUSIVE – Lakin Defense OptionsPublished on 09/03/10

Editor’s Note: The following report is solely the product of the authors and is posted here for the public to view, and discern for themselves. It is a scholarly work and may clear up many questions readers may have.

Courts Martial Defense For LTC Terrence LakinBy J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington

World Net Daily, which has been following the Lakin trial step-by-step from the beginning, is reporting:

FT. MEADE, Md. – A career officer in the U.S. Army [Col. Denise R. Lind] acting as a judge in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin today ruled that the military is no place for Barak Obama’s presidential eligibility to be evaluated.
According to the WND report, presiding authority Col. Denise R. Lind used the following arguments to deny LTC Lakin proper access to a defense, summarized in the following three paragraphs taken from the 40 minute long reading of her decision Army Col. Denise R. Lind today ruled in a hearing regarding the evidence to be allowed in the scheduled October court-martial of Lakin that he will be denied access to any of Obama’s records as well as any testimony from those who may have access to the records.

With her decision, Lind mirrored a number of federal judges who have ruled on civil lawsuits over Obama’s eligibility. They have without exception denied the plaintiffs’ access to any requested documentation regarding the president’s eligibility.
Lind ruled that it was “not relevant” for the military to be considering such claims, that the laws allegedly violated by Lakin were legitimate on their face and that the chain of command led up to the Pentagon, and that should have been sufficient for Lakin.

We find foundational flaws in Col. Lind’s decision, which Lakin’s defense team must seize upon in order to alter the current course of this trial.

1 – Lind’s authority is derived from the same place as LTC Lakin’s and all other members of the United States Military – from the supreme command of the office of Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States.

2 – Lind is attempting to use her authority under her Commander-in-Chief to break the military chain of command, isolating the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military specifically, exempting the President from his position of authority in the chain of command, without which, Lind herself has no authority to convene the Courts Martial.

3 – Lind then reaches outside of the US Military Justice system to the Civil Court, relying upon civil court precedent to deny Lakin any access to discovery and thereby, a proper defense guaranteed him by the US Constitution and UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice. Civil Court precedent has no legal standing in a UCMJ criminal proceeding. In fact, the UCMJ is based upon the Articles of War (aka War Articles) and is a “penal system” unlike the US Justice System – as explained by Col. William Winthrop in Military Law and Precedents. As a result, precedents set in courts outside of the UCMJ are without legal standing in any UCMJ proceeding.

4 – Not even in the UCMJ can the United States government deny the accused his/her right to a trial, complete with discovery of related evidence. Yet Lind attempts to do so, under the authority derived from her Commander-in-Chief. If the chain of command is broken, then Lind herself has no authority.

5 – Lind’s statement that the legality of the Commander-in-Chief is “not relevant” in matters of military command is false on its face. As stated in a sworn affidavit filed by LTG Thomas G. McInerney executed on August 20, 2010 – “In refusing to obey orders because of his doubts as to their legality, LTC Lakin has acted exactly as proper training dictates. – By thus stepping up to the bar, LTC Lakin is demonstrating the courage of his convictions and his bravery. – That said, it is equally essential that he be allowed access to the evidence that will prove whether he made the correct decision.”

6 – Lind attempts to break the chain of command at The Pentagon level, which she claims has no issue with the current Commander-in-Chief and that this should be good enough for Lakin. Yet she cannot break this chain of command without eliminating her own authority, and Lakin’s oath requires that he decide for himself whether or not his orders are legal, as affirmed in LTG McInerney’s sworn affidavit.

7 – At issue is not whether or not LTC Lakin refused orders, but rather whether or not he “unlawfully” refused orders. If his orders were not “lawful,” including but not limited to, emanating from a “lawful” chain of command which begins with a lawful Commander-in-Chief, then Lakin must be found NOT GUILTY of “unlawfully” refusing orders.
At the heart of the matter is whether or not his orders to deploy were “lawful.” LTC Lakin has questioned whether or not his deployment orders were “lawful” on the basis that he believes that the Commander-in-Chief from which those orders are issued, may not be “lawful,” therefore making any orders from the top of military command “unlawful.”
To determine whether or not Lakin is correct in his decision to refuse orders, it is paramount to discover with certainty whether or not his orders were issued by a “lawful” command.
As we know, Article II – Section I requires that only a “natural born citizen” of the United States can hold the office of President, Commander-in-Chief. In this regard, a fatal misstep in the Lakin defense has opened the door for the illegitimate statements now being made by Col. Denise R. Lind.

LTC Lakin failed to directly assert that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT legal in his command on the basis that we know with certainty that he is not a “natural born citizen,” – and that LTC Lakin is “lawfully” refusing to follow orders on this basis. Instead, LTC Lakin only asked the “birth place” question and tied that question to whether or not Mr. Obama could and would present an official “birth certificate” proving once and for all that he was indeed born in Hawaii, making the wrong assumption that if he could and would provide proof of said birth via an official birth certificate, which has never been released to date.

The fatal error revolves around the reality that Obama’s birth place is of no consequence in the matter of his status as a “natural born citizen” eligible for high Command of the US Military under Article II – Section I of the Constitution. Although there is no shortage of opinions on the subject of what the term “natural born citizen” means, there is no honest debate on the matter either.

Every Supreme Court Justice knows exactly what the term “natural born citizen” means, where it came from, why it exists in Article II requirements for the office of President and that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a “natural born citizen,” indeed ineligible for the office he currently holds.

They know that LTC Lakin is right to “lawfully” refuse orders from an illegal Command.

We know this on the basis of the following critical facts:

1 – The term “natural born citizen” is derived from the Law of Nations. An international treaty establishing a set of rules used to establish a “nation,” the issue of nation and citizen sovereignty, and internationally recognized definitions of universal terms, including the term “natural born citizen.”

2 – The Law of Nations is specifically mentioned in the US Constitution as an enumerated power of Congress under Article I – Section VIII – Item X – “To define and punish offenses against the Law of Nations;” (Note that in the original Constitution, Law of Nations is capitalized, referring specifically to THE Law of Nations.)

3 – From Emerich de Vattel’s 1758 book on The Law of Nations, Chapter 19 § 212. – Of the citizens and natives – Vattel establishes – “in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

4 – In a letter from Founder John Jay to then President of the Constitutional Convention George Washington, Jay stated – “Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government; and to declare expressly that the command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on any but a natural born citizen.”

5 – It was later learned that President George Washington had actually taken out Vattel’s book on the Law of Nations from the local library in order to study proper implementation of law in our newly formed nation, and never returned that book. On the basis of known history and facts behind the Constitutional term “natural born citizen” which is based upon “natural law” explained in the Law of Nations as stated referred to in the US Constitution, the proper assertion is not at all related to the actual “birth place” of Barack Hussein Obama, II. The ongoing search for a Hawaiian birth certificate has no bearing on the subject of “natural born citizen” status for Barack Hussein Obama, II.

The only relative question is:

Was Barack Hussein Obama’s birth father a legal citizen of the United States of America at the time of his birth, no matter where in the world he may have been born? Without a birth father who was a legal citizen of the United States at the time of his birth, Barack Hussein Obama, II cannot be a “natural born citizen” of the United States of America, he is not without divided national loyalties, and cannot serve as President of the United States or Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military as a result, creating a national security and a full blown Constitutional crisis.

According to the two autobiographical books by Barack Hussein Obama, II – his birth father is Barack Hussein Obama, a British subject at the time and a legal citizen of Kenya. According to public family history, Barack Hussein Obama was at no time in his life a legal citizen of the United States.

On this basis alone, LTC Lakin is right (and lawful) in refusing to accept orders from an illegal command. The US Constitution and the Law of Nations, upon which our sovereign nation was formed, are very clear on the matter.

As a result, the need for LTC Lakin to gain access to the Hawaiian birth records for Barack Hussein Obama, II is eliminated.

LTC Lakin need only assert the following:

On the basis of Article II – Section I of the US Constitution, supported by Article I – Section VIII – Item X concerning the Law of Nations and the term “natural born citizen,” – I hereby refuse any and all illegal orders issued by the illegal Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military, President Barack Hussein Obama, on the basis that he does not meet Constitutional requirements for the office he currently holds and must further hereby demand that he be removed from office and immediately relieved of Command of the United States Military. I further assert that due to the illegal status of existing Military high Command that this Court Martial has no authority under which to proceed.

Under this assertion, there is no need for access to the birth records of Barack Hussein Obama, II, unless Mr. Obama chooses to respond by stating that Barack Hussein Obama is not his real birth father, in which case Mr. Obama is admitting to fraud during his pursuit of the Oval Office.
In the event that the UCMJ chooses to challenge the historically accurate definition of the term “natural born citizen” described herein, the US Supreme Court is the only court in the land with proper authority to rule on the true meaning of the term “natural born citizen” – as stated by the Constitutional protections that LTC Lakin has sworn a lifetime to protect and defend.

With this assertion is place, LTC Lakin does not have to prove that his assertions are true and accurate. As Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama must prove that Lakin’s assertion is false in order to proceed with the government prosecution of LTC Lakin on the grounds that he has “unlawfully” refused orders.

In short, Mr. Obama must prove that his orders are in fact “lawful.” If Obama is either unable or unwilling to do so, then LTC Lakin is in fact NOT GUILTY of “unlawfully” refusing orders.

This particular case is not about one soldier refusing deployment orders. It is about a nation allowing a precedent to stand which makes it possible for any individual with any foreign allegiance to hold the highest office in this land, with no obligation whatsoever to demonstrate or prove national loyalties before holding the office of President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.

This case is about whether or not the US Constitution stands as the official Law of this land.

NOTE: Past challenges on the term “natural born citizen” have been improperly argued upon cases revolving around the Fourteenth Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment relates to “immigration” and “naturalization” laws, not “natural law” used to establish “natural born citizenship” status of an individual. Therefore, any and all cases pertaining to Fourteenth Amendment arguments are moot on the matter of “natural born citizen” claims.

Researched and Prepared By:
J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington
The United States Patriots Union, LLC - Sheridan, Wyoming
Available pdf - Courts Martial Defense of LTC Terrance Lakin.pdf (399kb - 5 pgs)

Researched and Reviewed By:
The United States Bar Association


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The facts about the health care bill!

We're The Government and You're Not

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keep the fire burning
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Believe it!

Believe It!

Mahatma Gandhi marched bare foot across India with thousands of citizens armed only with their bodies and their determination to take the salt mines. The righteous protesters never lifted a hand in offense as the British battered them to the ground bloody and helpless two at a time. In their non violent defiance, the next pair stepped to face the British battering until hundreds later the British were defeated.

Now law suit after law suit, article after article, exposure after exposure, proof after proof about the hundreds of laws violated by MSM, judges, politicians, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and every legal agency, department of government, AG, DA and other guardians of our American judicial system created to protect America from betrayal and treason has come forward only to be battered down as ruthlessly as Gandhi’s protestors at the salt mines .
The honest angry protestors who wrote repeatedly to their representative, to TV news stations, attended town hall meetings and Tea Party rallies have been denigrated and demonized by belittling labels by the very government they elected! When –as it seems to be happening—all peaceful remedies have been denied to we the people, our only weapon of defense left will be our own bodies and determination to allow ourselves to be battered down in a last gasp of non violent protest. WE have been betrayed and thrown to the lions! All we will have left is our voices and our lives. This is almost too surrealistic to be believed. Yet it is so.



Friday, August 14, 2009

HB3200 Read What they Wrote on These Pages

: EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill

Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill
Economic Policy Journal ^ | 7/20/09 | Robert Wenzel

Here's the full Health Care bill that sits in the House.
Following the mad recommendations of Peter Singer made in NYT's Sunday magazine, it pays to take a look at what is actually in the healthcare bill.
It's worse than you can possibly imagine. Somehow, it manages to be Singer on steroids. Who wrote this bill. It has Singer's footprints all over it.
Peter Fleckstein (aka Fleckman) is reading it and has been posting on Twitter his findings. This is from his postings (Note: All comments are Fleckman's)
Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!
Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC bill - THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benes u get
Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the HC bill - YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!
Pg 42 of HC Bill - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose UR HC Benefits 4 you. U have no choice!
PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill - HC will be provided 2 ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise
Pg 58HC Bill - Govt will have real-time access 2 individs finances & a National ID Healthcard will b issued!
Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Govt will have direct access 2 ur banks accts 4 elect. funds transfer
PG 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan 4 retirees and their families in Unions & community orgs (ACORN).
Pg 72 Lines 8-14 Govt is creating an HC Exchange 2 bring priv HC plans under Govt control.
PG 84 Sec 203 HC bill - Govt mandates ALL benefit pkgs 4 priv. HC plans in the Exchange
PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs for of Benefit Levels for Plans = The Govt will ration ur Healthcare!
PG 91 Lines 4-7 HC Bill - Govt mandates linguistic approp svcs. Example - Translation 4 illegal aliens
Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps 2 sign up indiv. for Govt HC plan
PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs of Ben Levels 4 Plans. #AARP members - U Health care WILL b rationed
-PG 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill - Medicaid Eligible Indiv. will b automat.enrolled in Medicaid. No choice
pg 124 lines 24-25 HC No company can sue GOVT on price fixing. No "judicial review" against Govt Monop
pg 127 Lines 1-16 HC Bill - Doctors/ #AMA - The Govt will tell YOU what u can make.
Pg 145 Line 15-17 An Employer MUST auto enroll employees into pub opt plan. NO CHOICE
Pg 126 Lines 22-25 Employers MUST pay 4 HC 4 part time employees AND their families.
Pg 149 Lines 16-24 ANY Emplyr w payroll 400k & above who does not prov. pub opt. pays 8% tax on all payroll
pg 150 Lines 9-13 Biz w payroll btw 251k & 400k who doesnt prov. pub. opt pays 2-6% tax on all payroll
Pg 167 Lines 18-23 ANY individual who doesnt have acceptable HC accrdng 2 Govt will be taxed 2.5% of inc
Pg 170 Lines 1-3 HC Bill Any NONRESIDENT Alien is exempt from indiv. taxes. (Americans will pay)
Pg 195 HC Bill -officers & employees of HC Admin (GOVT) will have access 2 ALL Americans finan/pers recs
PG 203 Line 14-15 HC - "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax" Yes, it says that
Pg 239 Line 14-24 HC Bill Govt will reduce physician svcs 4 Medicaid. Seniors, low income, poor affected
Pg 241 Line 6-8 HC Bill - Doctors, doesnt matter what specialty u have, you'll all be paid the same
PG 253 Line 10-18 Govt sets value of Dr's time, prof judg, etc. Literally value of humans.
PG 265 Sec 1131Govt mandates & controls productivity for private HC industries
PG 268 Sec 1141 Fed Govt regulates rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs
PG 272 SEC. 1145. TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS - Cancer patients - welcome to rationing!
Page 280 Sec 1151 The Govt will penalize hospitals 4 what Govt deems preventable readmissions.
Pg 298 Lines 9-11 Drs, treat a patient during initial admiss that results in a readmiss-Govt will penalize u.
Pg 317 L 13-20 OMG!! PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Govt tells Drs. what/how much they can own.
Pg 317-318 lines 21-25,1-3 PROHIBITION on expansion- Govt is mandating hospitals cannot expand
pg 321 2-13 Hospitals have oppt to apply for exception BUT community input required. Can u say ACORN?!!
Pg335 L 16-25 Pg 336-339 - Govt mandates estab. of outcome based measures. HC the way they want. Rationing
Pg 341 Lines 3-9 Govt has authority 2 disqual Medicare Adv Plans, HMOs, etc. Forcing peeps in2 Govt plan
Pg 354 Sec 1177 - Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs ppl! WTF. My sis has down syndrome!!
Pg 379 Sec 1191 Govt creates more bureaucracy - Telehealth Advisory Cmtte. Can u say HC by phone?
PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life
Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable powers of atty. Mandatory!
PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides apprvd list of end of life resources, guiding u in death
PG 427 Lines 15-24 Govt mandates program 4 orders 4 end of life. The Govt has a say in how ur life ends
Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An "adv. care planning consult" will b used frequently as patients health deteriorates
PG 429 Lines 10-12 "adv. care consultation" may incl an ORDER 4 end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOV
Pg 429 Lines 13-25 - The govt will specify which Doctors can write an end of life order.
PG 430 Lines 11-15 The Govt will decide what level of treatment u will have at end of life
Pg 469 - Community Based Home Medical Services=Non profit orgs. Hello, ACORN Medical Svcs here!!?
Page 472 Lines 14-17 PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. 1 monthly payment 2 a community-based org. Like ACORN?
PG 489 Sec 1308 The Govt will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they will insert Govt in2 ur marriage
Pg 494-498 Govt will cover Mental Health Svcs including defining, creating, rationing those svcs
Here's the full Health Care bill that sits in the House

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Wonder the Public is Shouting at Town Hall Meetings

No Wonder the Public is Shouting at the Town Hall Meetings

The media are claiming that the public is using extreme words when it describes the Obama health care plan as “evil, euthanasia plan, death warrant bill, or comparing it to Hitler or Nazi Germany.” The media suggests these words are too extreme and harsh. To me the words are not strong enough under the government we are now suffering and fearing for our lives. The people didn’t write the health care bill. They are merely accurately describing what already exists in the bill. To use any words that fail to describe sections of the plan is simply watering down, distorting the horrible intent and reality American citizens will face if this bill gets passed-in any way, shape or form. Murder is murder by any other name is murder. (page 425 in HC Bill) So is government control of your bank account total control of your money by any other name is still control of your bank account. (See pages 58/59 of the HC Bill) Read the bill, and you will hear every lie and the supporters of the bill are bald-faced telling the public.

In the past week, a conservative black man passing out “Don’t tread on me Flags” outside a town hall meeting was attacked by the Obama’s Purple shirts. The other day Mike Sola tried to be heard regarding his son in a wheel chair. The police escorted him out. He said they were civil to him. Then he was visited in the middle of the night by Obama’s purple shirts. He stated publicly he would go to jail for killing them if they every return to his property and threaten his family again. Sola is a man with guts and back bone. Mike Sola and the black conservative are not isolated incidents. This is happening across America.

The media , Obama and his cohorts are denigrating the shouting, anger, frustration, and seeming hysteria of the people attending the meetings claiming this is no way to get things done. Some of the Congress people have actually walked out of their own meetings. Others like Pelosi have called the protestors “Un-American.” Millions of people have sent letters, faxes, made telephone calls, politely sat through many meetings while being lied to their faces. They rallied, carried signs, and taken this government to court hundreds and thousands of times since January 20, 2009 to now. They have been ignored, demeaned, threatened, ridiculed, manipulated, lied to, and while witnessing the DOJ, Eric Holder, the entire judicial system, and the Supreme court deny and convolute our laws and justice system on the behalf of wrong over right so consistently they have reached their last nerve. The Chicago style of politics that is being practiced in Washington today is so offensive to people with integrity, it is all they can do to remain calm in the face of the lying to their faces these foolish Congress people are doing. They now realize the American Government of checks and balances is no longer working because they have all been bought off or intimidated by Obama thugs paid for with George Soros money. (Moveon.org) It is demonstrating THE PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW AND CAN DO ANYTHING HE PLEASE AND THERE IS NOT ONE SYSTEM OR PERSON WILLING TO STOP HIM. THIS IS NOT ONLY VERY DISAPPOINTING, IT IS TERRIGYING. IF OUR GOVERNMENT IS LAWLESS WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE THE PEOPLE? At the mercy of Tyranny? Not that I wish to see it, because I don’t. America is only a few steps from becoming violent.

Though it may be argued that people don’t learn from history, I do believe the great value of history is to see and learn from it. It doesn’t take a genius to see the many parallels between pre World War II Germany, Nazi Germany and today’s government. Obama’s Acorn, Seui aka “Purple shirts” are the equivalent to Hitler’s Brown shirts. There is an old movie I recommend to look up and watch again—CABERET, which is about pre World War II Germany. While the German people were being entertained in the night clubs, the Jews were being beaten in the street. The German government at that time was no longer hearing the people. Any one who dared disagree or criticize the government was harmed or murdered. Pay attention and notice how similar it is getting to that right now. Sola is only the beginning. The pity is under America's Constitution, Mike Sola should never have had to be pushed against the wall and have to threaten he will trade his freedom to protect his family. The thugs who threatened him should be the ones worrying about their freedom sitting in jail now. (Eric Holder dismissed the case against the Black Panthers who were committing voter intimidation. Nothing will happen to the thugs who threatened Mr. Sola.) Isn’t this exactly the way Hitler’s brown shirts acted in Germany?

Look at what Obama has done to America with his Acorn, Seui thugs, his "snitch on your friends and neighbors, (which he is not soft peddling as a desire to answer objector’s questions and fears) and his hit back twice as hard, and Saul Alinsky tactics. We are the citizens of the United States. Since when do citizens have to live in fear of being “struck back twice as hard” because we honestly point out negative facts about the health plan? This is some sick, sick strategy by the President and his thugs. It is very reminiscent of pre world war II Germany. They are already trying to control “free speech, right of assembly, and books.

They have already succeeded to creating “The Media Black Out about the question of Obama’s presidential eligibility regarding his birth certificate. So people are not exaggerating when they use words that are compared to Hitler’s Germany—incendiary as they may be. The most powerful action against the suppression and oppression of Obama’s dictatorship is to call it what is in clear unvarnished and deadly accurate language. There should be no misunderstanding as to what our words mean when it comes to describing the crimes this government is committing against America. We must immediately go for the jugular vein because time is of the essence.

Whether Democrat or Republican, the government is supposed to be about listening to the people with a servant’s heart. Once Ozero was sworn into office, he was no longer representing only Democrats. He became President to all Americans. It was time for him to stop favoring one over the other.

Obama’s government has it all upside down. They are there to serve the people and not the other way around. It isn't about forcing unwanted, unnecessary programs onto an unwilling public. It also isn't about government being responsible for the 46,000,000 uninsured people in America. Even though Obama proclaims 46,000,000 uninsured people in America is some kind of travesty--that is his biased, hidden agenda opinion. He is only pretending concern for uninsured people. I say it honestly; I could care less about 46,000,000 most of whom are illegal whether or not they are insured. Maybe, you feel the same way? To be honest it is neither the government's nor the people's problem! That is the price of a just system of government under the Constitution as written by our fore fathers! America already has excellent health care for those who worked to earn enough to pay for their own health care. It is the greatest system in the world. Obama wants to destroy it because he wants to control 20% of American business health represents.

Like it or not; recognize it or not, America is at war with its illegal government. I fear for America and for my life that if this health care plan succeeds in getting passed, America the Republic under the Constitution will be ancient history.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whatever Obama Wants, Obama Gets

To date–whatever Obama wants, Obama gets, and little people, he wants your life! Oops. I mean your health care.

You can be certain Obama thugs will not let the Congressioanal reces stop him from getting his health plan approved in Sepremember. He and his thugs are out there beating the bushes right now. They threaten to shove it down America’s throat via a speical method of over riding Congress it Congress fails to approve it.


We Don’t Need No Stinckin
Government Health Care Plan.

Make up simple flyers that can be e-mailed, down loaded and mailed, and printed by the 100’s and personally deposited in every public place imaginable.

e-mail with a request to pass it on:

everyone on your e-mail list
the editor of every local, state, and national news publication
every TV news station in your area
Every Congress person & Senator

Print and personally distribute or leave flyers

At clinic and doctor’s waiting rooms
Super markets
Telephone poles
Post offices
Restaurant entrances
Where ever you find public places
Senior care facilities

For those who can afford it, warnings in classified ad section or small display ads in

Green Sheet
Penny savers
Craig’s list (free)
Local newspapers

Post, blog every where you can on the inter net

place discreet signs in your front yard or window or vehicle

The following are copy for two flyers I am e-mailing everywhere I can and printing to distribute in as many public places as I can:

We don’t need no stinkin government health plan!

Obama healthcare bill, hidden agenda, assault on elderly, Dr.Betsy McCaughey, Fred Thompson interview, page 425 of the health care bill required counseling session for medicare patients (that counseling is how to commit suicide.)


The health plan you’ll be getting ain’t worth

the health plan you will be getting!

Do you want all your health care records to become government property?

Do you want to pay more and get less?

Do you want to pay for late term abortions and murder of babies?

Do you want your children to never know their grand parents?

Do you want to wait two years for an operation needed now?

If you answer is no to all of the above then tell your Congressman, and all your representatives to vote no on this horrible plan.

Go to http://www.usapatriots-shout.blogspot.com


I see the future. Brother, it is murder!

Hitler Health plan, Obama Health Plan (CAN WE SAY WHERE HE GOT THE IDEAS FROM?)
Obama’s Health Care Policy: Hitler’s T-4

Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. Obama and Hitler use the “blitzkrieg” method to overwhelm their enemies. FAST, CARPET BOMBING intent on destruction. Hitler’s blitzkrieg bombing destroyed many European cities – quickly and effectively. Obama is systematically destroying the American economy and with it AMERICA. First the banking/investment industry, next private enterprise (GM and Chrysler) and now HEALTH CARE. And he is working on grabbing more of the American economy with his environmental extremism!

We too CAN fight back. Contact everyone you know. Start a blitzkrieg of our own. Shut down the Capitol switchboards and the White House switchboards! Say NO to the Obamination of Obama Care!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Media Black out dates to back to November

Media Blackout on Obama eligibility dates back to November

Do you remember Watergate? Thirty-five years ago this Sunday, U.S. President Richard M. Nixon submitted his letter of resignation for his role in the scandal. There was the crime – the break-in, and then there was the cover-up by the Nixon administration. There were threats, media manipulation and disinformation. It was the cover-up more than the crime itself in the aftermath of the Watergate break-in that led to the downfall of the Nixon administration. It was a politically critical time for our country, but we survived because of the strength of the U.S. constitution.

Now, we potentially face a new constitutional crisis stemming from the refusal of Barack Hussein Obama to produce a one-page document that would confirm his eligibility to hold the highest office in the land. Eligibility to hold office is not a “fringe” matter, but a core constitutional issue that lies at the very heart of a growing controversy.

Although we do not have the birth certificate or proof of ineligibility, the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press have documentation of a cover-up relating to the issue of Obama’s eligibility to hold office. The proof we possess not only exposes a well orchestrated cover-up, but also provides critical insight into why the topic of Obama’s eligibility has failed to gain traction in the corporate media.

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are in possession of extremely sensitive investigative documents, including a stunning written admission by a nationally known talk show host stating that he was threatened with his career – or worse - should he talk about the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records to a national audience. This document was obtained on December 10, 2008, and provides explicit detail of a “gag order” imposed on this host before and immediately following the national election last November.

After receiving and authenticating the document, US based veteran private investigator Douglas J. Hagmann opened a full scale investigation into the media blackout, with specific emphasis on tracing the blackout origins to those issuing them. This investigation was conducted in conjunction with Judi McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press and Brian Thompson, CFP Information Technology chief following a meeting near Toronto, Ontario last December. At that meeting, it was decided to keep the existence of the document secret until additional evidence could be obtained.

Today, after an extensive eight month investigation, the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are breaking their silence and revealing explosive information about a widespread cover-up that began at the earliest stages of the Obama presidential campaign. The cover-up traces back to some of the most powerful and influential people in the U.S. and continues today.

Summary of the Evidence

As noted above, we are in possession of a written account by a well known national talk show host who details how he was prohibited to discuss the controversy of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility as president of the United States. This signed document cites exact dates and times when he was forbidden to discuss any aspect of the birth certificate controversy, and includes direct references to the individuals responsible for such prohibitions. Further, his statement identifies the individuals who originated the orders and their positions, and confirms that failure to adhere to the order would likely end his career in that industry. He also confirms that other, less specific but more menacing threats were implied during conversations with those making the subject off limits.

Although we possess the original document containing the name and contact information of the talk show host, we have decided not to publish his name or network affiliation at this time. Based on the correspondence from this individual and respecting the nature of the threats to him personally and professionally, it is our decision to allow him to enjoy anonymity until such time as he decides to reveal the facts himself at a time of his choosing.

From multiple interviews conducted within the last eight months, we have obtained information from other sources, independent of the above, who have also been instructed to avoid any discussion of the birth certificate issue at all costs, to wit:

The account of an administrative assistant employed in New York City by a cable network news station who provided significant, detailed information of a 2008 meeting between the top network executive and four-(4) well-known news anchors. This source confirmed that she drafted the memo to the various hosts to notify them of the date, time and location of this high-level meeting at the request of the network’s top executive.

Present at this meeting, she verified that the network official issued “warnings” to the personalities “to avoid any on-air discussion of the birth place, eligibility, and news accounts of litigation compelling [Barack Hussein] Obama to produce a legitimate copy of his birth certificate.” She stated that the network executive had her arrange the conference immediately following a meeting “between [the network executive] and an attorney closely associated with candidate Obama who was acting on his behalf.”

The statement of a corporate secretary for a major news network confirming the existence of a one-page inter-office memo, bearing the markings “confidential” and “not for dissemination,” addressed and distributed to news anchors and on-air talent” that specifically instructed the recipients to avoid any discussion pertaining to the Obama birth certificate controversy. The memo was written and distributed in October 2008, and specifically instructed on-air talent to “advise guests, as necessary, to refrain from citing any news story, legal proceedings, Internet ‘blogs’ or other sources that pertain to the ongoing eligibility controversy of future President Barack Obama.”

As outlined above, our Investigation has uncovered both direct and indirect evidence of threats being made against some of the nation’s top radio and television personalities, which would explain some giving this topic mere lip service. As one source interviewed during the course of this investigation stated, “I’ve got a career and family to think about.”

Although no one should be surprised over the manipulation of the news, the nature of this manipulation, and the extent of the threats against journalists, should shock even the most well grounded.

Any reasonable person must question the motivation of the media moguls. The individuals who have – and continue to threaten talk show hosts, news anchors, and others are the top people. We are not talking about mid or upper level management – this is from the very top in all cases. If there is nothing to the birth certificate issue and the question of eligibility, why the secrecy?

Is Bill O'Reilly, the Pinhead a Traitor?

Is Bill O’Reilly, the Pinhead a Traitor?

August 3, 2009 O’Reilly opened his program, with a discussion about “The Republicans” are in trouble and need to be using their time to better purposes than risking their own credibility challenging Obama’s place of birth. He did his best to denigrate people who have the “stupidity” (not O’Reilly’s word but his suggestion) to think Obama was not born in Hawaii. . . .O’Reilly hammered on the idea that people who question Obama’s place of birth have no credibility and are basically right wing nuts and mentally unstable. He continued demeaning by suggesting only a small group of “fringe people” who don’t like Obama because he is black. . .

He used words like “birthers, conspiracists, truthers”. I resent the labeling of patriots as truthers, birthers, conspiracists which O’Reilly so condescendingly used. There are no such words in the English language. They were invented by those who meant to insult and demean challengers of Obama’s legitimacy. From hence forward, I shall call us patriots of integrity. O’Reilly demeaned Republicans and “fringe” people who are challenging Obama’s credentials. This is not about Republicans in the same way it is not about race. O’Reilly focused quite a bit on Republicans further demonstrating his complete ignorance on the subject. It isn’t only Republicans who are challenging Obama’s legal right to be president—Democrats, independents, and American citizens from every political belief are asking. It isn’t just a “fringe group”. People from all walks of life and all over the world are asking? Doctors, attorneys, teachers, carpenters, homemakers, small business owners, the plumber, fireman, and cops are asking. It is a very large and growing bigger hourly group of honest, constitutionally moderate American patriots with integrity and courage who sincerely are concerned about America.

In his set-up interview pretending to be objectively seeking the truth, he managed to ride rough shod over the valid points his guests were attempting to make. He used them as a point of departure to spew his biased, limited knowledge opinions about the issue. Bill was more than his usual rude self interrupting them when they were about to make valid points. It was almost over kill. Then O’Biased put the COLB used by Obama on the screen. Once again mentioned the two news paper birth announcements that he claimed proved for certain Obama was born in Hawaii. In summary O’Reilly used his position and power to trash and humiliate those honest patriots who are legitimately asking about Obama’s authority to be President.

Now we know what documents O’Reilly has seen that convinces him Obama was born in Hawaii. We also know his research is about as deep as a bird bath! Either he didn’t get it or he chooses to ignore it so he can continue belittling those Americans who are responsible enough to challenge Obama. How stupid Bill made himself look yesterday when he displayed the FORGED COLB on the screen. How demeaning it is to his viewers that he thinks he is so slick they do not know that document is forged. #1. Every one who knows the difference and saw O’Reilly try to foist a Forged COLB upon the public will no longer give him credence. All who saw know beyond a shadow of a doubt O’Reilly made himself look like the pompous fool and displayed his willingness to betray America. I guess O’Reilly doesn’t think it is very serious if there is an imposter in the WH. I guess O’Reilly buys hook, line, and sinker the proven forged COLB#1 and the two birth announcements he claims were in the Hawaiian news papers of 1961.

Obama’s thugacracy is transforming America into a country of oppression and suppression. Obama has already successfully ruined the economy, (there was not one logical reason for the economic crisis of September when McCain was in the lead. The entire financial crisis was a manipulated effort by Obama’s foreign people to get him elected.) Obama nationalized banks, AIG, and the automobile industry. He has managed to claim America as a Muslim country. He threw Israel under the bus. American troops are being slaughtered in Afghanistan because of Obama order to not return fire—and no one knows for certain if he is even an American citizen. Now he wants to murder us for the sake of NWO. The very lives of the American people are at risk under this current government (Janet Napolitano’s Home Land Security Report is nothing more than a government document to legalize and permit genocide against Americans.) Obama’s government take over health care plan which is a duplicate model of Hitler’s health care plan for Germany is another genocide plan packaged as “for the good of America”. The genocide will begin with seniors, then mentally disturbed people, then to handicapped children and eventually blue eyed men, O’Reilly.

Chance are extremely great that Obama does not even qualify under the Constitution to be our legal president and O’Reilly chooses to perpetuate the idea Obama is legitimate rather than examine possibility Obama is a usurper. If it comes forward Obama is a usurper, then the sooner we prove this the sooner he can be arrested, taken out of office and patriots can begin the long and painful task of restoring America to a Republic.

O’Reilly’s grasp of the real issue is about as high as a stump! This is not about the birth certificate. It almost isn’t about whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or a trash can in Indonesia. This issue asks if Obama by his own admission is a duel citizen, is qualified to be president? It is all about whether or not America has a legitimate president of the united States under Article II or the U.S. Constitution. Either O’Reilly doesn’t have a clue to the issue or he simply could care less whether or not the President is a usurper! Even worse—he knows more than he is letting on but is deliberately supporting Obama’s claim to be qualified because he, too, is in cahoots with the Chicago gang. If he is in cahoots or he could care less whether or not Obama is a usurper—then brother, he sold America out for 30 pieces of silver (whatever his price was). Either way, shame on Bill Judas O’Reilly, the traitor.

Though he probably will not, O’Reilly needs to read a few articles written by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Leo Donofrio, Dr. Kate, and many others. You can find Dr. Vieira’s articles at this web site: http://edwinvieira.com/ #2 Judas O’Reilly needs to understand the difference between a Natural Born Citizen, a native citizen and a naturalized citizen. He also needs to learn the Article II of the Constitution’s definition and qualifications to be the president of the United States. I suspect he already knows this, but as already suggested, he simply is selling Americans up the creek with out a paddle.

Patriots of integrity are asking the most vital question of this century. Is or is not Barack Obama a legal president? Is or is not Obama an imposter who broke into the WH based upon deception. Are we citizens in a Republic under US Constitutional rule? Or—ARE WE SLAVES UNDER THE OPPRESSION OF A DICTATOR in a TYRANNY? Obama’s actions since he took office have consistently violated our Constitution and ignored American traditions and beliefs. These are the actions of a dictator and government of tyranny. Therefore this supersedes any and every other item since Obama has taken office!

Judas O’Reilly needs to meet and talk with—WITHOUT INTERUPTING OR RIDING ROUGH SHOD OVER THEM-- Mario Apuzzo, Naval Lt. Commander (Ret.), Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III, U.S. Army Veteran, Richard M. Keefner, USMC Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.), Robert D. Pinkstaff, USMC Sgt. E-5 Veteran, Phillip A. Wolf, Col. USMC (Ret) Ed Schriber, Sgt Richard L Martin, ,Dr. Allan Keyes, Pastor Manning, Major Cook, Attorney Philip Berg, Joseph Farah, Dr.Orly Taitz, U.S. Army Veteran, Richard M. Keefner, USMC Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.), Robert D. Pinkstaff, USMC Sgt. E-5 Veteran, Phillip A. Wolf, Col. USMC (Ret) Ed Schriber, Sgt Richard L Martin,
Larry Sinclair, and the many other heroic men and women whose lives and careers on the line because they are challenging Obama’s legal right to be president. They need all the money, help, and support they can get. If MSM had done their job last summer when this question arose, Americans might not be facing the possible legalization of genocide called government health care by Obama! http://www.riseupforamerica.com/

No, O’Reilly doesn’t have to agree Obama is a duel citizen, born in Kenya, or may be a usurper. He does have to report vital issues with objectivity and tell the truth. Claiming the COLB he flashed on TV as legitimate with out also acknowledging that there experts who have proven it is a forgery is pure, unadulterated convolution of the most important issue in the history of America. Obfuscation is the polite word for what O’Reilly did last night. Treason is the accurate word to describe his actions. O’Reilly is a traitor. He is aiding and abetting the usurpation of the American presidency. He along with the entire gang of co conspirators needs to be arrested and tried for their crimes against America.
Written and submitted by Usapatriots-shout.blogspot.com
Below some vital sites that should be visited:
#1. Polarik's final report: Obama's 'Born' Conspiracy Forged images, phony photos, and felony fraud By Ron Polarik, PhD http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2136816/posts
#2. http://www.riseupforamerica.com/newtreasoncomplaints.html
#3. http://www.riseupforamerica.com/
#4. http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/

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